Terms and Conditions

I agree and fully understand that RealEstateTransactionalFunding.com is a marketing website and does not issue transactional funding or proof of funds letters.  By submitting this Transactional Funding Request Form or Proof of Funds Letter Form, I allow RealEstateTransactionalFunding.com to share this information with third party companies that may choose to provide transactional funding and proof of funds letter services.  I recognize and agree that under no circumstances is RealEstateTransactionalFunding.com required to provide any transactional funding or proof of funds letters services whatsoever. 

Further, I hereby indemnify, defend, hold harmless, remise, release and forever discharge RealEstateTransactionalFunding.com, his/ her/its  predecessors, successors, affiliates, employees, agents, heirs, attorneys and assigns (including members, shareholders, partners, officers, and directors, if an entity), from any and all claims, damages, or actions which I ever had, now have or hereafter may acquire arising directly or indirectly out of or in any way connected with sharing my information with third party companies, the issuing of transactional funding or proof of funds letters and/or any other matter related to the submission of this form (hereinafter referred to as “Transaction”), including, but not limited to, any suits, liabilities, demands, proceedings, agreements, contracts, leases, judgments, damages, accounts, reckonings, executions, any and all claims, actions  or rights of action  of any nature, whether known or unknown, and/or cost of any type and nature (whether actual or alleged, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, or disclosed or undisclosed) which I now have, or ever have had, or which I or my heirs, executors or administrators now have, have ever had or may have in the future. 

I understand and agree that these terms and conditions are in full accord, satisfaction and discharge of any claims I may have in any way related to, or arising out of, Transaction and that these terms and conditions are not an admission of fault, liability, culpability or wrongdoing of any kind on the part of RealEstateTransactionalFunding.com.  I understand and agrees that these terms and conditions shall apply to all unknown and unanticipated claims or demands that I may have resulting from, or based upon, or in any way connected with Transaction, as well as all known claims or demands that I may have.